Weverton extends his contract with Flamengo until 2024
After several weeks in negoctiations, Weverton finally extended his contract

With youth categories on the rise in Flamengo, the club renewed on Monday with yet another hot prospect, the striker Weverton of the U20 team.


The contract, which ran out until July 2021, is now valid until December 2023, with a fine of around R$ 300 Million.

Weverton arrived in Flamengo when he was 16 and conquered his space.


The idea is to follow his trajectory and succeed with Flamengo's shirt.


"It is a source of pride and great happiness to renew and be able to continue the work in this great club. Today is a very special day for me. I hope to repay all the trust placed in my work. Thank God and all my family for this moment" - said the striker.