Luis Phelipe debuts with a winning goal
Red Bull Bragantino's first victory had the magic touch of Luis Phelipe

The winger Luis Phelipe was an unlikely hero in Red Bull Bragantino's first victory in the Brazilian Championship.


And it is safe to use that term. Because not even he expected to leave the bench to score a goal in the triumph over Fluminense.


At the press conference after the game, the athlete said that he did not expect such a good re-debut for Massa Bruta.


"I didn't expect it. I am very happy to re-debut for Bragantino and, with a goal, on top of that. I was not very happy while in Austria. Now, I am very happy to have returned and I want to play well again" - said the athlete.


The winger stated that Felipe Conceição's style is similar to that adopted by the Austrian club. So, although he had a week of training to get used to it, he did not face much difficulty to fit into the tactical scheme of Massa Bruta.